I studied film photography at Watford and Plymouth College in the days before digital!
Later, I worked as a crime scene photographer for the police in London.
Following that, I travelled the world managing photo operations on luxury cruise ships including Princess, Norwegian & Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, Fred Olsen and Silja Line. I even met my wife onboard at a lifeboat station cruising out of L.A.!
After enjoying living in Canada and USA for many years I returned to live in Devon, then beautiful Northumberland, on the Scottish Borders.
I still enjoy photography, observing nature and of course, creative writing. My genres include a fantasy tale for children and adults alike, a best selling romantic drama - Flashbulb Memories - and my film noir series featuring Sterling, a London detective.

"Go undercover and discover the underbelly of Manchester in the exciting novella, Film Noirs and Spanish Guitars (A Sterling P.I. Series) by John Kemp. Sterling may have his issues, but he uses them to expand his experiences of life. I really enjoyed reading this novella. I am great fan of the noir genre. I enjoyed the story; it was fun and upbeat in a grimy sort of way and held all of the thrill and shadow play of a classic noir. Regardless of how you like your thrillers, this story is a great intriguing read. I look forward to the next installment! I would recommend this book to lovers of mystery, noir, and light, cozy crime reads." ~ Alyssa Elmore, Readers' Favorite.


"This is the second novella in the Film Noirs series, but it can be read as a stand alone. As the title reveals the style is against the backdrop of the Film Noir genre with its wonderful narration reminiscent of that genre. PI Sterling investigates the case of a missing person and gets himself into several awkward situations.


This second book develops the main character of the series and there is much more.... of his witty dry humour. It’s a quick read and certainly recommended for any murder-mystery fan, and for those who want a reading trip down the Film Noir memory lane." ~Alan Bester.



"John Kemp's private investigator Sterling is back in form! Staying closer to home and strictly business for this outing, Kemp puts our hero right into his latest case. The tough talk and shadowy moods are there, and a few twists. This is a highly recommended book series that's fun to read. In future installments, I would like to know more about Sterling's past and his son. Looking forward to the next adventure: Sterling rides the rails!" ~J.P. Farley.



NOIR CITY E-Magazine July, 2018 #24 filmnoirfoundation.org/home.html

With his latest novella John Kemp dives into the film noir genre, & in Sterling he has created a memorable character who could easily have stepped out of the pages of one of James M. Cain's classics; I personally would cast Robert Mitchum to play him in the movie version. Sterling is cynical and world-wise but is self-deprecating about his faults and failures, and colours his running inner monologue throughout with a sardonic humour that makes him a most agreeable tour guide into his seedy underworld workplace; along the way we meet a host of other equally memorable characters who crawl in and out of the shadows to wreak havoc for Sterling. It is clear that the author has an abiding affection for film noir and he more than ably captures the settings and speech that give noir its distinctive sense of time and place. I eagerly await the next chapter in Sterling's story.

Gary Wright. Amazon.co.uk