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Flashbulb Memories will have you in tears and will have you shouting for joy. I really felt both Jack and Lucy's emotions and it was very hard to put the book down until I was able to know both the past and the future outlook for Jack and Lucy. John Kemp has done a marvelous job of writing this novella with beautiful feeling and insight. I really enjoyed Flashbulb Memories and highly recommend it.

Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite.

This Kindle book turned out to be much more enjoyable than I anticipated since the blurb in Goodreads gave very little information about it beyond stating it is was about a soldier who has lost his memory and has to choose his future. I won't go any further to avoid spoiling the story for others but definitely recommend this novel. Although romance is not my favorite genre, this book has much more depth to it than so many of the novels in the romance genre.

Joyce on Flashbulb Memories. Goodreads. 08/09/2018

Film Noirs and Mini Bars (A Sterling P.I. Series) by John Kemp is an entertaining murder mystery novel with the magnetism of a Philip Marlowe mystery. Altogether, this is an excellent murder mystery novel, and even though it is set in the twenty-first century, it is an amazing tribute to the sleuths of a bygone era.

Susan Sewell for Readers’ Favorite.

With his latest novella John Kemp dives into the film noir genre, & in Sterling, he has created a memorable character who could easily have stepped out of the pages of one of James M. Cain's classics... Sterling is cynical and world-wise but is self-deprecating about his faults and failures, and colours his running inner monologue throughout with a sardonic humour that makes him a most agreeable tour guide into his seedy underworld workplace.

Gary Wright

... Far Reaching Aspects by John Kemp is a disturbing tale that holds the reader's attention as they unravel the events at an old vacated property. Told from the main character, Daniel's, point of view, it is an enigmatic narrative with the characters floating phantom-like from past to present... Daniel's conceptual view of the other characters and their role is ambiguous, giving the reader a puzzle to figure out. This is a great story for those who love abstract mystery novels.

Susan Sewell, Readers' Favorite USA.

I was drawn into Flashbulb Memories from the start and didn't interrupt it for a moment. WWII was such a significant time so that period is always intriguing for me. I have been to Normandy, walked on the beaches, remembering my uncle being there during the invasion. Really liked the characters here and their story held my interest. Since it was late at night and I was not sleepy, I was happy to remember this book silently waiting for me to enjoy. Look forward to John Kemp's next one! Thanks for a perfect ending to my day.

By Kat on 19 November 2015 - Published on

Reading John Kemp's children's epic fantasy, Vanished into Thin Air reminded me yet again why I love the fantasy genre... ... Kemp's In-Between World is beautifully described, and the history of the battle between Trannan and the evil Brolin, presented in the beginning of the tale, sets up the story perfectly. I smiled as I read Vanished into Thin Air and I'm looking forward to the next volume in this series… Highly recommended.

Jack Magnus on behalf of Readers' Favorite (USA).

Go undercover and discover the underbelly of Manchester in the exciting novella, Film Noirs and Spanish Guitars (A Sterling P.I. Series) by John Kemp. Sterling may have his issues, but he uses them to expand his experiences of life. I really enjoyed reading this novella. I am great fan of the noir genre. I enjoyed the story; it was fun and upbeat in a grimy sort of way and held all of the thrill and shadow play of a classic noir. Regardless of how you like your thrillers, this story is a great intriguing read. I look forward to the next installment! I would recommend this book to lovers of mystery, noir, and light, cozy crime reads.

Alyssa Elmore, Readers' Favorite.

With a light and eminently readable touch, the author combines elements of mystery, murder and fantasy, in The Secret Letterbox, with well-drawn, sympathetic characters into a story which keeps you guessing to the end. Couldn't put it down!


John Kemp captures the language and feel of the film noir genre with tough-talk and inuendo. His P.I. Sterling is likable and the story is peppered with colorful characters and plot twists. When I finished the book, I wanted a drink and a smoke! I can't wait for the next case.

J.P. Farley July 30, 2017. Film Noirs and Mini Bars

This novella was a delightful read. The title reveals the style of the book and throughout the reading I could picture myself watching a Film Noir. Follow PI Sterling and his dry sense of humor in a story of murder, double crosses, deceit, trickery and everything else a black and white detective Film Noir would feature… If you want to reminisce in the Film Noir genre you won't be disappointed. I think the novella format was well suited for the style of writing and I am looking forward to more of the same in the series.

Alan Bester, S. Africa July 30th, 2017. (

John Kemp's private investigator Sterling is back in form! Staying closer to home and strictly business for this outing, Kemp puts our hero right into his latest case. The tough talk and shadowy moods are there, and a few twists.This is a highly recommended book series that's fun to read...Looking forward to the next adventure: Sterling rides the rails!

J.P. Farley. Film Noirs and Spanish Guitars

John Kemp's story, set in the waning days of World War II, invites the reader to share in the protagonist's personal journey from war to peace. Wonderfully written in a style that gives the reader a feel for bygone days while keeping the mystery taut, this is a compelling read that is full of charm. Highly recommended!

GWright on Flashbulb Memories

A real gem of a crime thriller. John Kemp at his best. A detective novel with a clever plot full of twists and turns. I read it in one session.

Raymond. Film Noirs and Mini Bars

Top Read! If you like crime, you will love this, up to his usual excellent standard. I didn't put it down until I had stopped reading it, the characters are believable and lifelike as in Trouble in Bath.

Jules 74. Ten Strands

This is a good read. I really enjoyed it. It's a cool take on the Noir Genre.

Stephen Oak - Film Noirs and Spanish Guitars (Goodreads).

Sterling has been many things in life, but lucky was never one of them. When a desperate client, carrying a hefty wad of cash pleads for his help, the down-on-his-luck private investigator thinks it will be a straightforward job. He soon discovers nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Now, he must decide between doing what’s right or focusing on his bottom-line. With plenty to worry about and everything on the table, will Sterling’s instincts steer him in the right direction or lead him into danger?

Film Noirs and Mini Bars